Retro Reeboks

My day started with watching naked Shay Mitchell running around her neighborhood in celebratory of her hitting 3 million subscribers (- congrats btw!). Her running around naked is interesting and all, but HER SHOES!!

I was super dedicated finding out what those shoes were, so I had to screenshot it to get a better view. First, I thought they were Adidas and possibly the Calabasas shoes or possibly an original version of the Calabasas shoes from Adidas that ISN’T a Yeezy collab, but nope, I found out they were classic Reeboks.

To be honest, not a super fan of Reeboks, but I want them. BUT! Before purchasing these, I wanted to make sure I was making a decision I wasn’t going to regret, so I googled celebrities to see how they looked while tried on.

They look kind of good, don’t they? In a retro-kind-of way?

The only reason why I’m on a manhunt for these shoes is because I own Valentino’s and Golden Goose, but I wouldn’t wear them knowing that I’d be going somewhere prone to getting them dirty. And I love my white shoes, so I want something that I’d be comfortable wearing all the time – also, wearing Golden Goose for a long period of time, such as when you’re traveling and doing a lot of walking, hurts..

I do have a pair of Adidas Superstars, but I’m currently not a fan of the bulkiness. And yes, there is an option of Stan Smiths, but I don’t like falling into the category of basic so I’ve been really trying to stay clear of Stan Smiths for years now (so far I’ve been doing good👍🏼).

Currently, my to-go sneakers for the winter are my black Golden Goose superstars, but, hopefully, I’ll be trading them in for these classic whites because I’m a sucker for white shoes 🙌🏼.



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