Tiny Sunglasses are Trending and I want in

It’s 4:23am – I recently got back from Seoul, so I’m still pretty jetlagged. I was planning on going to sleep because I have to drop something off at 10am, but one of my role models, JiYoung Kim, just posted a badass photo on Instagram and I am OBSESSED with her sunglasses.

Does she look badass or what? I fell in love with her sunglasses and wanted a closer look. I remembered she posted them before, so that’s how my sunglasses hunt started at 4am.

I’m going to say it one more time and I will not say it again – DOES SHE LOOK GOOD OR WHAT?! Is it just me? Am I the only one in love with her?

ANYWAYS, back to the sunglasses! I found out that they’re from LeSpec. I think I’ve heard of it before in the past, isn’t it an oldie brand? Anyhow, I want them. All of them.

They’re also not too expensive at all! Something I’ll definitely buy! I just have to figure out which color I want, which is going to take me a couple days… 🤔

But the greediness doesn’t stop at LeSpec. I, also, want the small frames with the colored lenses. When I was looking around Galleria at Seoul, I played around with Gentle Monster’s sunglasses. In my opinion, Gentle Monster is hyped and it was a phase 2-3 years ago, so I want to cut ties with them. BUT!

I tried these on… And I’m kind of hooked. I am seriously trying to resist, but I look at them again and I’m caught. What do I do?! They are so cute. These are the colors I’m in love with for these sunglasses (- not so much a fan of orange because bleh😝), but if I were to purchase a pair, I’d be choosing between purple and blue. I really really don’t want to pay that price though cause I can purchase a nice pair of Tom Ford sunglasses for that price, which I would rather do.

Also, Jenn Im posted an Instagram story of her and her tiny framed sunglasses, which I also think are adorable.

Please. These look good on her. I figured it out and they are from Quay. I didn’t see the exact pair Jenn Im has on (unless it’s cause the lighting makes it look different), but I found a pair with frames that are “honey” colored..? They’re not as cute as the ones Jenn Im has, so I will not be purchasing those🤷🏻‍♀️

I definitely wasn’t expecting my next post to be about sunglasses, but it was a late night random thought that I had to share.

Good night, all y’all.

Sincerely, me


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