Winter in Fukuoka

F I N A L L Y – I have working wifi!!!!!!!!

Visiting Fukuoka whenever I’m in Korea has become a given. This winter was the first I’ve been in Korea, so it was also going to be my first in Japan!

I was really hoping to get a lot of photos from this trip to summarize what I did (and because I got a new camera), but I felt so overwhelmed during this trip that I couldn’t get my camera out to get the shot I wanted. Since this was going to be my 5th trip to Fukuoka, I wanted to look at things in a fresh perspective, but looking through the pictures, I realized the only times I felt not overwhelmed to take pictures was when I was waiting for something, like my delayed flight, going into a restaurant, and my food… So most of my pictures are food and I’m about to look like a real fatass..🤦🏻‍♀️

My 3:30 flight from Incheon to Fukuoka was delayed a bit and I’m pretty sure I spent this day mostly at the airport (at least Duty Free kept me busy).

I literally went from plane to bus to subway to taxi… We ended up booking at the wrong hotel, and once we got to the correct hotel, we went to Kiwamiya for Fukuoka hamburg steaks. This place is a must-go-to when you visit Fukuoka. There’s two restaurants in Fukuoka, one near Hakata station and the other at Tenjin in the basement of the PARCO mall. The staff at the Hakata station are kind of rude (very passive aggressive) and waiting outside in the cold for 1+ hour(s) is miserable, so I suggest going to the one at Tenjin. Both places offer menus in English and Korean if needed!

The first full day at Fukuoka, we went to Tenjin. I prefer this area for shopping because there’s so much more to see. I wish I had more time to visit the vintage stores there! The picture above is the line for Supreme on a Thursday – to be honest, I have no idea what they were waiting for cause there was nothing there. Right next door is the Bape store, and even though they’re all sold out of the good stuff, you can surely find something to buy.

I’ve visited Japan many times, but it wasn’t until this past spring that I fell in love with takoyaki (why is it so good?!). This was my first time actually enjoying takoyaki at Japan. Apparently, this store, Gindaco, is a chain store so you can find it elsewhere in Japan also. This location was at the basement of Canal city, which is another shopping area.

You know how I said that you can always find something to buy at the Bape store? I bought a pouch for my new camera and I love it! It’s so cute and sturdy, I can trust it to protect my camera.

This is another place my family like to go to eat when we visit Fukuoka.

The items are cheap and the sushi usually range from 100 to 300 yen per plate.

They had a separate special menu for the winter season, so I was able to catch the snow crab and uni.

It was so good and now I’m drooling looking at these pictures.

Our second full day, we went to Yufuin – thanks to the tour bus we always take when we want to stop by Yufuin and onsens at Fukuoka. Yufuin has all these cute stores with souvenirs and I can never stop myself. I love the head band I purchased and the coin purse, YOU NEED, when carrying all your change since Japanese currency is mostly coins.

The three photos above are little handmade shops and my favorites at Yufuin. I absolutely love handmade items and if you feel the same, definitely stop by these two shops!! I would’ve taken pictures of the handmade items they have, but they have a no camera rule..

Takoyaki (again!) at Yufuin streets!

This lake is so beautiful, especially if you’ve been here multiple times because the trees change colors and it’s so cool seeing them different colors in different seasons.

After Yufuin, we were off to the onsens! I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to be at a Japanese hot springs in the winter and I actually got to experience it this time. It never made sense to me why you would go to the hot springs outside during the winter when your nipples are ready to fall off because of the cold. BUT, it wasn’t cold and I got to cross one thing off my bucket list. After the onsen, I had a hour to kill so we walked around the town and found this little bakery.

The bakery was famous for these cream puffs filled with custard. I’m not a pastry fan, but these cream puffs were so good!

If you ever go to wherever this town is, GET THESE CREAM PUFFS and bring me some too.

Hamakatsu, another chain restaurant, at the basement of Hakata station.

Please look at these pouches, are they cute or no?! I felt so rushed and overwhelmed during this visit to Fukuoka; I feel like I didn’t get everything I was hoping to get while in Japan. Hopefully, next time, I’ll be more prepared and feel that I have a lot of time to do what I want.

Sincerely, me


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