A few days ago, my mom was able to find a dog cafe that accepts dogs who weigh max. of 15kg, which is difficult because most cafes max. weight is 10kg (- because my cocker spaniel is a little overweight considering he’s a medium size breed).

The little cafe is called LuciMon (루시몽) located on the first floor of an apartment building called Centreville in Songpagu. The building has parking but it’s a little on the pricey side if you plan on staying longer than the given hour, which is 1,000 won per 10 minutes. I’m glad there was parking though because finding parking in Seoul in general is difficult, especially in those narrow alleys. 

Of course, I wanted to take a picture of my dogs on the steps! Trying to get four dogs to sit still and look at the camera at the same time was not an easy task..


The cafe had three little closed off sections with seating if you want your own personal space. Also, the drinks were so reasonable – I was amazed! Most drinks at dog cafes are 8,000~10,000 won per person, but my drink was only 6,500 won and my chocolate latte was actually good.


I’ve been to a few cafes in Seoul and I have never seen these little puppy cribs in any of them. It was such a cute idea in case dogs want to keep away or relax.


My pictures make it seem like the cafe was empty but they had plenty of their own dogs wandering around the cafe.

Overall, I had such a good time with all my family dogs and hope to visit again soon.

Sincerely, me


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