not feeling so 22

22 is supposed to be the age when I figure out what I want to do along with a hobby that I’m passionate about – being content with the progress I’ve made in reaching my “happiness goal point” – instead I have never felt so far from it.  It’s been awhile since I posted and as I’m reaching 23 and 2018 is nearing, I realized I have not done anything at 22…

  • haven’t finished a book
  • haven’t figured out what I wanted to do as a career
  • haven’t kept up with my blog
  • my diary seems more empty this year compared to previous diaries
  • leaving many things unfinished (- this irritates me!)
  • not being able to stick with things I enjoy
  • taught myself a new language

I think this summarizes that I have been slacking at 22, so I want to make a bucket list of doable things before I turn 23, which is in 14 days.

  • update the blog (post once a week)
  • keep up with my diary
  • finish a book
  • find a school I can see myself content with

For now, I’m going to keep it short, so that there isn’t too much pressure on myself and hopefully I’ll be able to keep my word.

Until next week.

Sincerely, me


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