Summer Favorites

There are times when I buy things and I literally OBSESS over it to the point I just stare in admiration. I’ve really wanted to do a “favorites” post and before summer comes to an end, I thought I would do a Summer Favorites post.

  1. Fish Net Bag – I got this bag at Muji during my visit to Fukuoka in June (by the way, Muji is a must-go-store for me everytime I visit Japan). This bag is my favorite summer bag and I carried it everywhere these past few months. I got the small size, but they have a big size too if you ever want to get it for yourself! I tried to find it in the U.S. online site, but, unfortunately, I don’t think they have it here.
  2. Stone Rings – A lot of my girlfriends know how much I love rings, and I’m pretty positive I have a ring for every finger. This summer, I made it my mission to buy pendant/stone rings before coming back from Korea. I bought this during my last week at a flea market on Garosugil while I was sweating balls because of the humidity.
  3. Dressy Slippers – You know the dress-shoe-like loafer-slippers that have been in nowadays, especially the ones from Gucci? I loved the style, but I didn’t want to fall into the basic trend, so I tried to find something a little different. I found these at Style Nanda in Korea, and they are so cute – I am in love. Please just look at them – cute or nah?
  4. Diary – I love paper. I love the texture of smooth paper. (I’m a freak I know.) I only find this kind of paper in Japan, and while I was touring the towns outside of Fukuoka, I ended up in this handmade stationary store. Not only did their art covers catch my attention, but so did the paper they decided to use for their diaries. I love this diary so much that I haven’t unwrapped it and it’s been two months. I love it so much, I don’t want to ruin it by filling it with nonsense and regret, so until I think of something great to fill it with, I just stare at it. To be honest, if my mom wasn’t watching I would’ve gotten two diaries.

I could have done a better job explaining each of my favorite items, but it is 12:35AM and I am brain farting. Also, I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to photoshop for the first time, and the picture above is the best I could do in one day. I probably should have put this post off until tomorrow when I’d feel refreshed and know how to explain each item better, but I really wanted to post this up today!

Good night all.

Sincerely, me


Please be patient with my amateur level photoshop skills for now and I swear I will get better with more experience.




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