It’s 1:33AM and I’m starting to feel bad for my blog because my posts are starting to sound a lot like my diary.

So, lately, I have been in this “millennial funk,” where I realize I want to do something completely different instead of what I am “supposed” to do. The problem is I am afraid of doing this completely different thing. I haven’t even started and I’m already afraid.

Just to give it a name, let’s call it “thing.” So I talked to my close friends about this “thing” I want to do and they all tell me to go for it (even my mom) because 1. they can picture me doing it 2. and see me succeed in it – not sure if they’re saying this because they really do believe in that or because I am their friend/daughter. I can’t help, but feel that this might be my calling or my full desire to do it and feeling like I won’t make it – it’s one or the other, I guess.

Tonight, I started talking to one of my best friends about this funk I’ve been going through and she gave me some good advice, but one that stood out in particular was “you need to get out of your comfort zone.” I know I know – very cliche, but SO TRUE. One of the reasons I was afraid was because I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to get out and find myself failing, but what if I succeed? It wouldn’t hurt to try, right? And if fails, then I can pull the classic “I was doing it for myself.”

I have to take someone’s advice because I don’t want to be in this funk forever. I’ll just have to take baby steps.

Sincerely, me


I know that picture of my mirror I just took for the sake of this post is creepy as hell, but I needed a picture or else the big empty picture box on my blog will bother me. I’ll replace it another time.


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